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What to Know Before Purchasing a Shed?

What to Know Before Purchasing a Shed Get Prepared to free your garage! Goal and Placement

What’s the Objective of Your New Shed?

Most of our previous customers don’t wake up one day and say “Hey! I will get me a storage shed now…” Rather, they first notice they seem to be amassing a little too much things. Their garage might be becoming harder and harder to park the vehicle in. They are afraid to open the cupboard door since all the things crammed in it may landslide on top of you.

Lawn and Garden Equipment?

If you’re a homeowner, you know firsthand how many yards and garden gear you need to keep your curb appeal fresh. Riding mowers, push mowers, potting soil, rakes, shovels….all that required equipment occupies space. So rather than trying to squeeze them in your own garage, or downstairs in the basement where it is hard to get to, a Storage Shed positioned just where you need it can make your own landscaping all pleasure without pain.

A Workshop?

The do it yourself carpenter, craft booker or sewer who truly enjoys their hobby nearly always gets their money out of a storage structure when they use it as a workshop. Instead of having to keep your tools and supplies packed up and dragging them out each time you would like to operate on it, a storage shed used for a workshop will let you leave out your supplies so that you may come and go as you please. Hobbies should be fun, right? By having a different designated place for your workshop or hobby space, you’ll be more motivated to work on your crafts.

Your Own Private Retreat?

Instead of a costly construction job, one of those pre-made storage sheds may be a faster, more affordable way to add another room to your house. We have seen folks use their storage sheds as home gyms, a workplace, or a secret escape away. By selecting the most appropriate options, you may create an exterior and an interior that won’t look or feel like a shed in any way.

What Style Do You Enjoy?

You’ve spent all that money and time on making your home a real show location. And depending on where you put your new storage shed, it may get as much “curb time” as your property. Be certain not to detract from the visual appeal of your home and property by not paying attention to the appearance of your construction. You can pick from over 11 fashions to decorate it in a really distinctive way.

Purchasing your own storage shed can pay for itself within a matter of weeks. And after you ceased spending cash on a storage locker, then your drop is actually saving you money! And just think how easy it would be to walk several steps to the backyard to get your treasure rather than spending gas driving 20 minutes to your regional storage shed locker.

Shed Secret #1 — Buyers’ Remorse In Fall Buying:

Definitely the most common “criticism” we receive from our clients is “I must have listened to you and gone with something bigger.” There always appears to be stuff that you wish to put to a new storage shed than when you originally thought. It makes sense — from the 2nd or 3rd weekend, even when you really start to appreciate parking both cars in the garage, and you also get used to getting a neat and orderly home because you have everything organized in your own storage shed, you likely will think of different things that you wish to store in it.

On the lookout for quality, value, and convenience? You’ve come to the ideal location.

Much like the caliber of our storage sheds, we do not cut corners when it comes to customer support, installation or customizable possibilities for our clients. Our goods are not a temporary fix, but rather a long-lasting and reliable solution to a variety of your outside storage and recreational needs.

Don’t just take our word for it see for yourself the numerous advantages and superior features provided with our sheds, including:

  • Installed on site – Setup and shipping is FREE! *
  • Easy entry double doors
  • Full-length Engineered steel hinges prevent door sagging
  • Factory primed and ready-to-paint
  • Flexible door place – could be installed on eave or gable side (like Heritage series)
  • Hand-crafted with pride in America
  • If you live in an area of the country in which it isn’t always 72 and sunny, you will appreciate that our sheds are engineered to outperform in even the
  • harshest weather conditions!

Strong wood framing stands up to heavy wind and snow loads

Engineered, treated timber siding provides resistance against termites and fungal decay
Wood panels are designed to never show imperfections or knots
Durable wood floor features 40-year treated decorating and 4×4 runners.
Today we customize each area of our life from our music to our images- why if your shed be any different? Because we realize that each customer’s demands and preferences are different, the ability to personalize is built directly into our design process. This flexibility ensures that our products can conform to your singular needs, whether you’re looking for simple storage, a spacious hobby area or even a home office, we’ve got you covered. With the numerous ideas and alternatives available, you may add shelves, workbenches, lofts, and ramps. And if you’re worried about curb appeal, you are able to pick from many different decorative accessories like shutters, flower boxes along with cupolas to add additional appeal to your garden landscape.

Rugged Characteristics to Combat Daily Elements

There’s perhaps nothing else which says quality and durability over “Made in the USA.” Each of our sheds has a solid wood frame structure that could handle heavy wind and snow loads. Our engineered, treated timber siding shows off beautiful texture while maintaining complete resistance against rot, decay, and insects. Additionally, our easy access double doors feature full-length galvanized steel hinges preventing door sagging after several years of abuse. And when these features aren’t sufficient, we also offer 25-year shingles that provide long-lasting protection against the elements. Combined, our premium features provide a long-lasting storage option that’s stylish, affordable and need minimal maintenance.

Other Advantages of Storage Sheds

As a result of the breadth of our product line, our sheds can be utilized in multiple ways. Read our many sheds choices here to become motivated. That home office, exercise room or artwork studio you’ve been dreaming of could be just a click away. We can send our products to virtually anywhere in the Tri-State area, from Florence KY to Cincinnati OH.