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A Cottage Collection

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  • We feature the ABSOLUTE BEST VALUE Quality Hand Crafted Swing Sets.
  • Built with only Chemically Free Lumber for your child’s safety
  • Contact the Mennonite Artisan Jesse At 502 750 3015
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A Cottage Collection’s Swing Sets

It is the only wood used in outdoor playsets that is both naturally splinter-free and naturally long-lasting. It is also the only wood that achieves this without paints, stains or other chemical treatments and it is the only wood that remains this way with no maintenance required.
Because it is naturally long-lasting and splinter-free, there is no need to treat the wood with paints, stains, or other chemicals. There is also no need to stain the wood to achieve a uniform color Since there is no reason to treat the wood in the first place, there is no need to maintain those treatments over time.



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502 750 3015

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