A Cottage Collection

A Cottage Collection

Two Story Barns

Our Two Story Barns

THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!! Please click through and take a look at the photos on the Landing Page. They will give you an idea of what we are capable of doing for you. IF you are looking for a building to live in or simply need that much storage we have the answer for your LARGE WOODEN PORTABLE BUILDING situation, whatever it may be. There are too many factors involved to quote an exact price. However; if you will simply fill out the Inquiry Form we will be more than happy to call you and discuss the options. If you are interested at that point we will arrange for Mike , the Owner of Custom Wood to come to your location and do a SITE CHECK / QUOTE for you.

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8501 U.S. Highway 42 Florence, KY 41042

Note: Hours are Subject to change Due to staffing shortages, Health Issues and Weather. We suggest that you TEXT or CALL 859-242-2494 for an appointment time. We also are testing a SELF SERVICE option where the Gate will be open to view all the buildings ETC BUT no staff will be there.

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