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LuxCraft Wood Furniture

The classic look and feel of LuxCraft Wood Furniture made from wood is a traditional favorite of many people. With appropriate care and maintenance, this furniture can continue as long as forty years. Our Amish craftsmen hand select only the best timber and carefully construct each piece by hand to ensure the highest quality finished products out there.



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Lux Craft Wood Furniture

At A Cottage Collection, quality is the best target for our LuxCraft Wood Furniture, also such as every furniture, the grade begins with the substance we use just select grade, micro-pressure treated, kiln-dried yellow pine for our products, The timber is also air-dried for five to six months to get rid of shrinkage, warping, and assessing. Then the boards are hand-selected for maximum structural strength and attractiveness.
Our furniture at A Cottage Collection is created right here in Cincinnati Ohio, by committed skilled craftsmen, and each item is individually inspected before it’s permitted to leave the shop, and no detail is overlooked swings come with a 3/16″ welded series, rated at 800 lbs. Per side, Each glider was created with 16-ball bearings and constructed under pressure, which makes a very rigid suspension system

Why Amish Wood?

The Amish men and women embrace religion, family, and neighborhood as the fundamental values of a successful life. A lot of men and women feel that since the Amish people believe in a simple and traditional way of life they’re resistant to change. Nonetheless, this is not the situation.
In the last several decades, woodworking has turned into a prime contributor to the economy and livelihood. They utilize inherited know-how and an proper degree of technology to make anything wood, from the massive to the tiny.
A few methods of furniture building can’t be improved by engineering, and skilled Amish craftsmen share the belief that if it is worth doing, it is worth doing. Their small shop-based procedures of production give them each a single investment in a project well done.
Living in harmony with nature and farming for centuries has laid the basis for the Amish to create items of magnificent beauty and unparalleled caliber building the best quality LuxCraft Wood Furniture .

Our customer service and sales team are always on-hand to answer questions or assist with orders. We believe the key to good business is a personal relationship with customers, and we strive to achieve that with every interaction.
We only use select grade, micro pressure treated kiln-dried yellow pine. Lumber is air-dried for five to six months to eliminate shrinkage, warping, and checking. Lumber is hand-selected for maximum structural strength and beauty.
Why choose LuxCraft outdoor furniture? Quality is our highest priority, and it shows in the furniture we handcraft for you. We’re constantly reevaluating product designs to ensure you’re receiving nothing but the best.building measurements are Width x Length x Height, For Example, An 18’ x 21’ x 6’ building’s base frame size is 18’ x 20’ x 6’. Note that the measurements stated are the dimensions of the roof metal. It has a 6” overhang on each end so the bottom base rail frame is one foot shorter than the roof. The width is measured from the outside of the base rail to the other outside of the base rail.
LuxCraft products are made right here in America (Ohio to be exact) by skilled craftsmen in our 56,000 square foot shop. Each product is hand-crafted and inspected before it’s allowed to leave the shop.
There are numerous benefits to spending more time outdoors, and a backyard, patio, or porch area furnished with beautiful and durable wood furniture will act as incentive to choose nature as your entertainment system.
Our craftsmen don’t cut corners when it comes to building furniture. Swings come with a 3/16″ welded chain, rated at 800# per side. Each glider is designed with 16 ball bearings and assembled under tension, making a very rigid suspension system.
With 60,000 square feet of warehouse space, we stock over 30,000 items for immediate pick-up or shipment year round. Time is precious, why spend it waiting? At LuxCraft, we work hard to anticipate what you need before you need it—no waiting necessary.

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