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Metal Barns

Metal Barns

Three barn styles; Horse Barn, Carolina Barn and Seneca Barn. Designed with 3 sections combined to make units up to 64’ Wide, our widest selection available (not clear span). Three sections ranging from: 12 Wide Lean To – 12 Wide Center Unit – 12 Wide Lean To 12 Wide Lean To – 40 Wide Center Unit – 12 Wide Lean To (Center units from 12’ Wide – 40’ Wide, Lean To units 12’ Wide). Barns are perfect for livestock, farm machinery, feed and storage. Our three barn styles are professionally installed in less time than traditional wood barns, last longer and reduce overall costs.

Vertical Style Carolina Barn with Two Fully Enclosed Lean To's

Vertical Roof Style Two Tone Carolina Barn Fully Enclosed on Main Building

Vertical Roof Style Seneca Barn with Two Ends Closed

Vertical Roof Style Seneca Barn with One Fully Enclosed Lean Too. copy

Vertical Roof Style Seneca Barn with Main Building Enclosed

Vertical Roof Style Seneca Barn with Fully Enclosed Lean Too

Vertical Roof Style Seneca Barn with 45 Degree Frame Outs

Vertical Roof Style Seneca Barn Two Fully Enclosed Lean Too's

Vertical Roof Style Seneca Barn Fully Enclosed

Vertical Roof Style Seneca Barn Fully Enclosed All Around

Vertical Roof Style Seneca Barn and Gables

A little bit about Metal Barns in Cincinnati. The word “barn” usually conjures up a picture of an aging timber building painted crimson, but that is the old-fashioned edition. Today, we have the technology and materials available to build metal barns that will last much more than wooden ones, and that is precisely what A Cottage Collection can do for you. Our custom metal barns are made of the highest quality steel, available in both 12-gauge and 14-gauge frames. Every barn that we assemble comes with a 1-year workmanship guarantee, in addition to a 20-year guarantee on rust through on the 12-gauge and 14-gauge galvanized steel frames. We include these warranties since we understand our customized metal barns are very durable and will withstand a lot of abuse and use, we also want to back our product and provide our customers a peace of mind.
Much like all A Cottage Collection’s custom metal buildings, our barns could be completely customized. We’ve got three roof styles- routine (horse), A-frame roof style, and vertical, with several color options to select from. The middle building and the lean-tos could be customized to satisfy your storage and sheltering needs. Some of the typical customizations comprise open carport lean-to, 1 with its center closed with the lean-to start, completely enclosed or the very popular one — with the center open and the lean-To’s closed. The width of this Lean To’s is usually 12 feet but can be diverse for customized requirements of our customers. It’s simply a matter of connecting two lean-to buildings finish to end. An end-to-end connection lowers the period of the building by one foot since the connection overlaps half a foot each side.
We can even install custom doors and windows, or in the event that you’d like to do that yourself, we’ll create the framework and allow you to handle the remainder. For your barn’s doorways, we can install a roll-up door or an electric one, but the electrical doors vary by location. Contact our customer service representatives today to talk about all of our customized metal barn alternatives and see what we can do for you to get started on installing a gorgeous, new building.
We have built many barns that serve those purposes, but we can also construct custom metal barns suited to many other uses. Barns can be used as offices or another working area. Metal Lean To Buildings; since they’re usually referred to, have many benefits and can be used to protect whatever is under it from weather elements. You can use a Lean-To carport to protect your cars, campers, boats, RVs and other vehicular assets from rain, hail, and storms.
There are several benefits to owning a lean into the building. Whatever form it takes, a lean into building protects whatever is underneath it from different weather conditions. Unsurprisingly, a car that stands in plain water or endures a lot of storms is more prone to rust. People who purchase from our choice of thin to carports and lean to carport kits have a handy type of shelter for their valuable vehicles. One of the very obvious advantages of purchasing a lean-to garage building (enclosed) will be to secure your classic automobile from theft. Our lean-to garage building options are geared towards vehicle owner looking for an additional element of safety.
Many horses and plantation owners have seen the advantages a metal barn brings them. They want a place to keep their horse that is not entirely enclosed. Most of them want a semi-enclosed steel building that lets their horses to wander in and out allowing movement. Some horse owners seem at our thin to barn options when they need a metal building in the fields to keep their horses in a field. During harsh weather, the animals stroll inside for refuge and may be outdoors when it’s warm and comfy. A lean-to horse barn is a cheap shelter for your horses and that also without spending time, effort, and money on the fancy secure with options.
Let your creativity run free since we can turn your thoughts to the perfect customized metal barn.

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