A Cottage Collection

A Cottage Collection


Add a Porch to any Buildings sold by the linear foot contact us for the current pricing

    NOW it is the Basic “Smokehouse”
  • Featuring a full Gable Roof instead of the older style Slant Roof With the addition of the 6 foot cantilever front porch.
  • The Porches are sold buy the Linear Foot
  • Currently they are $200.00 a Linear Foot
  • Designed to be the perfect “Get Away Building”
    Also an economical Mother in Law Unit Or the perfect place for that grown child to have their own living space.
  • The PERFECT LAKEHOUSE Simply choose the size Smoke House that you would like and take that current price and add the $200.00 a Linear Foot for the front porch

The Homesteader Designed to be the perfect “Get Away Building” .

Top Reasons To Choose A Cottage Collection.

The Homesteader is the Basic SMOLKE HOUSE price with the addition of a 6 foot porch sold at $200.00 a linear foot.

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Below is a gallery of The Homesteader we have built for our happy customers in the Tri-State area.

Let’s Get Started!

Let’s Get Started!

Determine where in your yard your shed fits best. Remember you do not need to do any prep (except removal of any obstacles (such as tree stumps, branches, etc ) Some people put down weed barriers, gravel, even piers and or concrete slabs But none of those are necessary for us and that is totally up to you No part of the shed will touch the ground and we level the shed NOT the ground up to two Feet included in our price.


Choose the STYLE Shed you like Traditional Gable Roofs (like your house) Classic Cottage, Smokehouse, Homesteader Country Barn “Gambrel” Roof Any of the Mini Barn series Slant Roof with a 2-foot overhang Workshop series Slant Roof or Gable Roof With 6-foot porch Homesteader Series.


Contact your Planning and Zoning Board (as well as your Home Owners Association if applicable) we are NOT allowed to give you Permit advice. Each city is different and inside each city, there are different zoning rules. However, MOST cities allow sheds with certain placement restrictions. Most areas allow up to a 200 square foot building (10’x20’) without a Building Permit A simple phone call and two minutes of your time is all it takes to find out about your property’s rules.


Decide what SIZE of Shed you want. There is only e Golden Rule when it comes to size Whatever size shed you buy you will fill it up!!! Extra small = 8’x8 — Small = 8’10 & 8’x12’ —-Medium = 10 x 12 —Large = 10’x16’ Extra Large = 10 x 20 to 12 x 28 —- XX Large = up to 16’ x32’

The Homesteader

The homesteader embraces the pioneer spirit and entertains a romantic notion of a perfect escape or getaway. The homesteader really lives up to its name with its unlimited possibilities, as the home away from home.

It’s designed and built with both contemporary gable or traditional slant roof, it comes standard with a 6 foot wide roofed in porch that runs the entire length, offers a 36 x 80“ inch walk-in steel door, two windows, And is custom built to your specifications on your lot, by our skilled craftsmen.

Perfect for a getaway cabin, a tiny home, a beautiful workshop, a mother-in-law unit, or a private dwelling for grown children and more.

The Homesteader is Constructed like a well-built house, featuring the very best hardware, sturdiest doors, all plywood, 2 x 4 studs 16 inches on center, straight stud lines, five eights exterior floors, 50-year siding, 30-year shingles, shield acrylic paint, And all totally customizable, with delivery, set up and leveling included.

The homesteader is offered in an array of lengths and widths.


after you have placed your order

When you place an order with our salesperson, you will be given an approximate date you can expect our builders. At this time, you may request a certain day of the week you would like your building constructed. We will do our best to bring your building on that day. A few days before your scheduled setup, our factory will call you with the exact date (weather permitting) and approximate time the crew will arrive.

If the weather is not suitable for setup on that day, you will be given a call on that morning and we will reschedule your building for the next available and convenient date. There is no need to worry about having a foundation of our building, each building is built on pressure-treated 4″x4″s and leveled with concrete blocks. If you choose to have your building built on prepared ground, please have it ready before your scheduled constructed date.

When choosing the spot for your building, please remember to allow for at least 1-1/2 feet on each side of your building. The slope of the ground should also be taken into consideration. The more level the ground, the better the building will look. If any excavation is to be done, please have it done before the scheduled date.

We would appreciate if someone could be there on the day of construction, so you can show the builders the spot you have chosen for your building. If it is possible, please make arrangements with the factory as to marking the spot where the building goes. The setup crew will need a 110-volt electrical outlet to install hardware and cut trim boards.

Building Permits And Fees

What Our Customers Have To Say

Michele Antrobus Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

We had a lovely visit at this place yesterday afternoon. Lots of wonderful items. I had no idea that that they sold the things that they have inside! I thought that it was just sheds, I was wrong. Alpaca items and gift ideas, as well as rugs. You need to stop by and check this place out!

Renee Davis Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

Pete and Joey went above and beyond any expectations!! I purchased a swing years ago, very sturdy, well made beautiful swing and we have been very happy with it. I have a special needs daughter who loved to go outside and swing on it. As we were swinging on it last summer.

Charles Keller Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

I had them build a shed for us at our lake house about 15 years ago and they did a great job. So we hired them to build one at our city home. They do great work. And with some new options like a metal roof it will wear really well.

Jason Geiman Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

Did a great job with the shed for your goats and animals. Who had custom door and wall made inside. Also had a goat and dog door installed. It was easy from purchase to final product. This will make the wife very happy.

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