A Cottage Collection

A Cottage Collection

Built on Site Wood Sheds

OUR “BUILT ON SITE SHEDS” are constructed like a well-built house

Add a Porch to any Buildings sold by the linear foot contact us for the current pricing

  • A Cottage Collection is famous for building the Highest Quality WOOD STORAGE SHEDS on your lot right before your eyes.
  • No need to worry about fences , gates or room between your neighbors house! We will pre cut your building to your specifications at our factory in Cynthiana, KY.
  • Then we will place it on a 14 foot trailer, pull it with our Dually Pick Up and back it up as close to the designated building space as close as we can.
  • See our different styles of WOOD SHED below. Click here

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Built On Site

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The classic cottage is a premier building. It comes in a bundle package which includes all the build and vessels. The total protection package two windows, two doors all list included. The number one sellers. This is the best building, best seller bundle package.


The “Smoke House” series is one of Custom Wood Products most versatile buildings. Doors or windows can be placed on any of the four sides. The tall sidewall offers more room for hanging items and room to add a loft. The contemporary design blends well with many different landscapes.


The Workshop series with its distinct design has a 2’ boxed front overhang and a 6” rear box overhang for all around protection. The special roof system really compliments its unique design. It has hundreds of uses such as a pool building, playhouse, portable office, workshop, cabin, animal shelter and many more.


Throughout the years we have had produced many customer Specialty buildings. For Swimming pools, for a Vendor type business to sell food or to sell Tickets for the fair, A security office at the front gate. All the way up to a Two Story building or a Multi Door Garage. Please click on the photo above to see our Specialty Shed landing page


The “Mini Barn” series has a gambrel roof that resembles a country barn with double doors for ease of entry and plenty of headroom for overhead storage. With three heights available on the side walls, you can decide how much loft space you need. Custom Wood Products has a building to fit your needs and budget.


You can add a porch in any building. You need a contact us for current pricing and you got through for the process. You need porches pricing then we will guide you through the process building the porch in any building.


When you place an order with our sales person, you will be given an approximate date you can expect our builders. A few days before your scheduled setup, our factory will call you with the exact date (weather permitting) and approximate time the crew will arrive.

If the weather is not suitable for setup on that day, you will be given a call on that morning and we will reschedule your building on the next available and convenient date. There is no need to worry about having a foundation of our building, each building is built on pressure-treated 4″x4″s and leveled with concrete blocks. If you choose to have your building built on prepared ground, please have it ready before your scheduled constructed date.
When choosing the spot for your building, please remember to allow for at least 1-1/2 feet on each side of your building. The slope of the ground should also be taken into consideration. The more level the ground, the better the building will look. If any excavation is to be done, please have it done before the scheduled date.

We require someone be there on the day of construction, so you can show the builders the spot you have chosen for your building. If it is possible, please make arrangements with the factory as to marking the spot where the building goes. The setup crew will need a 110-volt electrical outlet to install hardware and cut trim boards.


If we have to carry the pieces the length of a football field we will do just that. Our experienced crew will erect your building (usually in less than 4 to 6 hours). Then they will welcome you to inspect it before paying any balance

Our talented crew does nothing but build our famous potable buildings.

Custom wood storage sheds at A Cottage Collection are truly one of Americas’s most trustworthy, time-tested and authorized American made storage sheds in the Kentucky and Ohio area. For longer than 30 years we have been helping people develop and construct their dreams. Our American design outdoor sheds are hand-crafted only using the best possible materials in the marketplace today. Our custom wood storage sheds are designed to perfection and will serve you for a lifetime due to the attention to fine detail and our time-tested American custom wood storage sheds building experience.

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