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A Cottage Collection

Chicken Coops

Chicken Coops By Jesse

Imagine this situation. Chicken Coops Cincinnati, OH It’s a crisp Sunday morning in the autumn, along with the temperatures is hovering around 40 degrees. The sun is just breaking the horizon in a brilliant showcase of reds and oranges as you see from where you sit at your kitchen table. You take a tentative sip of your coffee, which warms you from head to toe. You glance out the window and suddenly see a white blob off at the distance. Getting up out of the seat, to find a closed look, you begin hearing the clucking noise and soon it’s clear. The cows CHICKENS are loose! Don’t let this scenario mess up your morning by skimping on poultry coop products.

How do you prevent this from ever happening again? It is time for some new chicken coop containment products that will offer a strong and secure house for your chickens. Their safety is on your own hands. You’ve got to be certain that wherever they call home will keep them safely contained in their chicken coop while also providing a safe environment within to stop them from harming themselves. And there are so many choices from which to pick.

 These wood hand crafted Chicken Coupes are designed by the experts. Jesse is a Mennonite Woodcraft Artisan. Trust me ,he knows chickens and chicken coupes. Neither Jesse’s family, his Father’s family all the way up to his great , great grand parents NEVER once ate an egg that did not come from their own chickens. Go with the EXPERTS Contact Jesse direct at 502-750-3015


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