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What’s Duratemp Siding?

What’s Duratemp Siding?

You will find many variables to take into consideration when purchasing a shed. Several siding choices are accessible — metal, vinyl, cedar, walnut, and Duratemp are a couple of of the most popular. Even though there are pros and cons of every Duratemp is frequently believed to be the most inexpensive, attractive, and flexible siding option. This type of siding could be easily color-matched to existing structures and generally does not need to be repainted for many years. When choosing the ideal siding material for your drop, it is a good idea to determine where the arrangement will soon be permanently placed. If your plan is to set the shed in a spot with direct sunlight that is open to the components (without any protection from trees), Duratemp siding may be the ideal choice for your requirements.

The Difference of Duratemp Siding

Duratemp siding is a sturdy, hardwood siding with a weatherproof veneer that will not crack or split. It is made with a 1/8″ Douglas Fir composite surface over a durable plywood foundation. It’s the beautiful, natural look of cedarwood combined with the strength of fabricated siding. Because it’s made of real wood, it’s inherently rougher and longer-lasting than other comparable products. It’s easy to install and gives the look of real wood. Our Duratemp plywood siding is not difficult to paint and holds up beautifully to rough weather. The surfacing of Duratemp siding is guaranteed to be 100% clear with no repairs or stains.

Those interested in buying a shed have many siding options, however, Duratemp is your ideal option for longevity. While buying a shed, it is important to take into consideration a couple of key factors: your location and climate requirements, your ideal maintenance requirements, and also the look you’d like to achieve. With Duratemp plywood siding, it is easy to match the color of your drop to your home or garage without worrying about it fading or chipping over time, and you won’t have to be concerned about constantly repainting.

Why Pick Duratemp?

There are many reasons to select Duratemp T1-11 siding to your backyard shed. Though vinyl is a popular siding choice, it lacks the durability of Duratemp. With time, vinyl colors will fade in the direct sun. Vinyl is also vulnerable to breaking and chipping if hit with hard objects (like lawn mowers or baseballs), which is not ideal for garden structures. Among the most unappealing facets of vinyl is that damp areas are very likely to hold onto fungus, mold, and mildew. On the other hand, Duratemp siding sheds come with a 25-year guarantee against rust, cracks, and mold. This is a large bonus for those hoping to invest in the long run.

Customers have many more color choices with their purchase of Duratemp sheds, and colors can easily be matched to existing structures such as homes and garages. It’s the most economical siding choice for prefab sheds since it’s so low-maintenance — you simply need to worry about repainting each eight to ten decades! Your Duratemp T1-11 shed can be fully customized by choosing each color for the trim, siding, and dividers. These sheds come in many sizes and styles, so you are guaranteed to find one to match your precise requirements. All our sheds arrive at your house pre-painted with two coats of paint and ready to be constructed. Sheds made with Duratemp siding are much lighter compared to vinyl or traditional wood panels, which makes them a breeze to manage and place together.

We’ve got lots of customization options available for sale in our extensive online catalog, thus we are confident we could help you build your ideal shed. Give us a call at (800) GOT-PETE (468-7383) to speak to a representative today!