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30,000 Sheds over 20 years says it all.

Serving The Greater Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky Areas. 

We only use the finest raw materials available including Dura Temp siding that comes with a 50 year warranty. No pressboard. Only our highly skilled staff will work on your building. No contract labor is involved in your project. Our studs are 16” s off center Compared to 24” of most of our competitors.

You Pick the Siding That’s Right For You…

  • 5/8″ Pressure Treated T-1-11 Siding – Strong and durable siding which resists decay and termites. 3 year warranty.
  • Duratemp Plywood Siding – A revolutionary siding that combines the strength and durability of plywood with a natural looking cedar surface of tempered hardboard. It comes factory primed and has a 50 year warranty.


We build your shed on your lot. No Kits. Once you order your shed, we cut the pieces and place them on our flat bed for delivery so your shed isn’t hit by fencing or trees or whatever else as it’s delivered to you.

Mini Barn – 4′ Sidewalls

The 4′ sidewall mini-barn is a very economical building. It is our lowest profile building with the lowest price per square foot. If you don’t need overhead storage or a lot of wall space, this is the building for you.

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Mini Barn – 6′ Sidewalls 

Mini-Barn 6' SidewallsThe 6′ sidewall mini-barn is one of our most popular buildings. With it’s taller walls, it is convenient for storing long-handled tools and other taller items. The 6′ sidewall mini-barns come standard with one 4′ loft section. The taller walls make for a super combination of floor space, wall space, and overhead storage!

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Mini Barn – 7′ Sidewalls 

Mini-Barn 7' SidewallsThe 7′ sidewall mini-barn may be our most versatile building. With the 7′ walls the doors can be placed in the sides or the gable ends. The 7′ wall gives plenty of head room under any loft sections. Like the 6′ wall mini-barn all 7′ mini-barns include one 4′ loft section. (ex. 12’x20′ minis include one standard 4’x12′ loft section). More loft sections are available. Our most popular floor plan is with the doors in the side and a U-shaped wrap around loft.

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smokehouseThe Smokehouse Series is one of the most versatile buildings we offer. Doors or windows can be placed on any of the four sides. The tall sidewall offers more room for hanging items and room to add a loft. The contemporary design blends in well with many different landscapes. The 8′ and 10′ wide models come standard with a 7′ tall sidewall. For 8′ tall sidewall, add just $100. The additional height will give you extra storage space in the building. the 8′ sidewall is standard on 12′ and 16′ wide buildings. Comes standard with 4′ or 5′ doors.

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workshop2The Workshop series with its distinctive design has a 2′ boxed front overhang and a 6″ read box overhand for all around protection. The special roof system really complements its unique design. It has hundreds of uses such as a pool building, playhouse, portable office, workshop, cabin, animal shelter, and many more. Each building comes standard with one window. 4′ or 5′ doors come standard depending on door and window location.

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Mini-Barn 6' SidewallsThe Homesteader was designed with the Old West in mind. This building comes standard with two windows and a walk-in door. (Choice of M/H combo door or 36 X 80 steel 9-lite door) The large open room can be divided if so desired. Each building comes with a six foot porch and roof which runs the entire length of the building. The porch is all treated lumber with railings. Add a couple of rocking chairs and/or porch swing for the perfect spot to relax or get away. All buildings are built on your lot; we can install them almost anywhere!

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Run-in Sheds

run-in shedsThe run-in sheds are built with pressure treated T-1-11 siding. All the exterior wood is pressure treated. 4×4 posts are concreted in the ground for support and stability.

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We have a long list of options. From Metal roofs to Flower Boxes we can customize your shed to meet your needs. We can even match the colors of your house.

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