Planning Your Cabin Project: Step 1 – Selecting a Parcel of Land For Your Cabin

White Tail Modular CabinOK… so you’ve decided you want to have a cabin! Now what? In this Planning Your Cabin Project Series we will layout the steps you need to follow to make your cabin dream a reality. This series of blogs will contain information on selecting a parcel of land, deciding which type of construction is right for you, deciding how you want to use your cabin, selecting a cabin style and floor plan, choosing additional options, making the purchase, preparing the site for delivery, and receiving your cabin and hooking up the utilities.

Step 1 – Selecting a parcel of land for your cabin

Where will you build your cabin?

  • How often will you be able to use your cabin? – If you aren’t planning to live full time in the cabin, make sure that you built your cabin close enough to your primary home to get good use out of it.
  • How close will it be to the things you love to do? – If you enjoy hunting, fishing, and hiking then are those accessible close to your cabin? If not, you will have a nice cabin but nothing to do!
  • Will you be able to get to your cabin during a heavy winter? – You’ll want to think about this if you live in areas that have a lot of snow.

Does the land have access to utilities?

  • What will it take to have water and electric? – Will the property you select have electric, water and sewer to hook into or  on it, or will you need to have though brought to your cabin? Make sure to know this answer and any costs involved before settling on where to build your cabin.

How accessible is the site you’ve picked for delivery and construction?

  • Can the materials you need to build your cabin be brought to your location? – Your materials, or kit, or builders have to be able to get to the work site. Trucks and trailers can be as long as 70 feet and you’ll need a mud free stoned in path for the delivery. If their are turns in you driveway, will a truck and trailer be able to make those turns?  Is there anything above the drive like power lines that will prevent safe passage?


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