Modular Log Cabins

Whether you have some land that you have been wanting to build a “Getaway” place on, or have some space on your Home Lot that would be a great place for one of your children or your Parents or In Laws to live so they will be close to you. Perhaps you would like make some extra income by putting a Cabin or two or ten around your lake and renting them out. Maybe you have a piece of land that is your favorite hunting or Fishing Location and you would like more than a tent or a camper.

WHATEVER your reason if you are looking for a small MODULAR Cabin then you have come to the right place.

Cabin Models (click to get more information)

Deer Run Cabins

DEER RUN Cabins are built by the Amish in Southern Kentucky. That sort of says it all if you think about the quality of building that the Amish are famous for. We add the modern energy efficient Windows, Dormers, Doors etc. But the most modern aspect of these buildings are the Structural Integrated Panels (SIP’s) we add. SIP’s are basically 18 inches of high tech insulation that is ran through out the walls and ceiling of our buildings.


Cabin Sizes

Whether you are looking for a 14 x 24 foot (our smallest modular) or a 14 x 40 (our largest modular). We got you covered. We also offer a “T” option where we connect two modular units in a” T” form. NEED SOMETHING LARGER ?? No Problem… We can custom build you a “KIT” of any size and design that you want.


We can accommodate you with a complete building delivered onto your lot, including the electric , complete bath, a full kitchen ready for you to hook up your favorite appliances.

Kits Available

Maybe you are into construction. We can simply provide you with a KIT that you put together.

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